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3 Benefits of Rent to Own Houses

Rent to Own House and Lot in Paranaque City

Nowadays, buying a house is really expensive. It must be the best reason why flexible paying schemes like rent to own house and lot are being introduced in the market especially on places Paranaque which is near to the busy districts of Manila. So here are the 3 benefits that I know why you should buy rent to own houses:

Rent becomes Investment

In rent to own houses, your payment goes directly to the landlord. While in an ordinary rent, all of the money goes to the landlord, here only a portion will be going to the landlord while the remaining will go as your payment to own the house.

Move in Quicker

In a regular housing, you will need to pay first for a down payment of the house for you to move in to the house which usually takes months or a year for you to transfer. In a rent to own housing, moving in can just take week.

No Taxes

Many owners are not aware of this but upon ownership of a house and lot comes with a new responsibility of paying taxes. Here in the Philippines, Real Property Taxes rates are 2% of the current value of the property which is paid once a year. Tax rates could even go as high 72% if not paid with 36 months. By availing rent to own house, you can save yourself from taxes until you fully paid the property.

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